Lindsay and Scott at Oceancliff Part Three

Posted by Mariah, Photos by Trish and Melissa

Now that all that snuggling is over it's time to head downstairs for the super sparkly party.

Ta-da! A winter wonderland.

She was going for a silver and sparkly feel, I think that was acheived!

Beautiful arrangements by Stoneblossom.

Snowflake cake. Mmmmm.

These square wreaths in the background were really fun!

Those little grey fuzzy pom things in the arrangements are so cool!

All of the tables were named after famous Newport landmarks, the photos of each were all snowy scenes, very clever!

The snowflake was a running theme...

Lindsay checking out the ballroom before everyone enters...

I love a vision realized!

How happy and cute are these two?

They look like they are having so much fun.

Too bad Scott is having such a bad time!

These two are really in love, and it shows!

Hold it... hold it....

A perfect ten.

This detail on her dress was so amazing!

Don't you wish your hubby would look at you like this everyday?


Twinkly and romantical.

Wouldn't it be funny if it was an ice cream cake...appropriate but not very practical.

And of course, a beautiful last photo. Trish's signature closer!

Each guest got to take home some beautiful and delicous gingerbread snowflake cookies...

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