♥ ★ what was it .. ?

What did we do?

Today, I accompanied Hney to go up to Batu Fringghi' to do his Site Analysis for his final year project.
Basically what he is doing in his project is that he is going to design a Moroccan Bar. You know, a bar with a moroccan style..
He got a place up in Batu Fringgi', and he was just taking pictures of the place and analysing every detailed. Details such as, how far is it to the main street, where is the nearest ATM, does it provided full safety, suchs fire exit and sprinkles, what kind of fabric that suit the site, how is the lighting going to go, what kind of wall and floor he will put.. etc etc.

(this is his site)

After he finished doing so, we went around Batu Fringgi beach and took lots pictures of ME. heee~. We chilled in 'Sunset Cafe' which is popular among Penang. We ordered some food, drink some cocktails, until the sun goes down. The beachs in Sunset Cafe is alright, it is the perfect place to see the sunset, that's why it was called "Sunset Cafe", haHA. Along the beachs you are going to be offered to ride the horse, ride the ATV, play Jetski, fly with Parachutes, etc. I have never asked the price so I don't know what is the normal range there. There are rumors that the sea in Penang are dirty and lots of jellyfishes under the water, i mean damn, i'm not going to risk my life!!. I did play water games, but only in Bali and Thailand.. which we all know.. no jellyfishes. =)

(Sunset Cafe)

What we ate?

(Hokkien Mee - if i'm not mistaken - for Me)

(curry chicken rice - for Hney)

and as the sun goes down, we went back home..

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