♥ ♛ ♫ Hennessy Artistry Party 2009 !!

Hennessy Artistry 2009 - The Global Art of Mixing.

The happening party of 2009 hit Penang Island at QEII Club on last saturday, April 25th 2009.
The party required invitations only and it pretty exclusive.
"The Global Art Of Mixing" itself combines mix of artistes from East and West - from Asia and Us, to Europe and Down Under.. mix them to one big partaayy.

I got the invitations from a friend of mine, went there with bunch of friends and it was fun.
The design was exclusive, red carpet and wall of pictures.
The music was more likely to be Drum & Bass until Caprice, the Malaysian rapper came down and brought the Hip Hop in the air.
They also gaveaway free drinks (Hennessy) in early hours.
The party was crowded, people dressed up and got pretty into it.

I was dressing up a bit 'Grungy'.. sort of a rock indie rock n roll.
I don't know, i felt like it at that moment.
Hney's dressing up a bit 'Formal'.. wore an orange Topman shirt with black tie and a black jeans.
Unfortunately the place was too hot as people got more crowded so in the pictures, he took off his tie and got messy.
Well, as for me, i got sweating up but still holding on. =)

Moving on, The guests star was..

Starz Angels

Combining electro house rhythms and hip hop flows, the trio have been supported by a creative and rigorous web presence.
Responding to the needs of the public, they’ve been performing and gained the respect of industry professionals within a year.
Performing regularly in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Marbella; they’re extending their presence here to spread their musical message.
Also look out for Jmi Sissoko (is a third element of Starz Angels) who is recognized as one of the best urban artistes in France, for his additional powerful twist of sounds.


One of Malaysia’s rising youth icons, Caprice isn’t just an artist, but also an entrepreneur.
His love for music led him to learn the ropes of the industry up to setting up his own record label and production house!

Over the course of a few months, he recorded a few singles, shot 2 music videos, and released 2 songs that shot to #1 on Hitz.FM.

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