Allison and Nicholas at Castle Hill, Part 2

Posted by Trish: So our amazing day with Allison and Nicholas continues...What I did not tell you in yesterdays post was this this was a very small intimate wedding, they had only 8 guests! They wanted to have a very small and special night with their immediate family to celebrate their marriage. But the good news it that they placed a lot of importance on the photography and were really excited to do the photos, I was more than honored to be a part of their day and to document their love. This photograph is to me the perfect representation of how they feel about each other.
Since it was a small event they did things in different order than usual, which was kind of fun. We did all of the formals first, then they had their first dance... Since they could not have music there, Nicholas had a friend who is a jazz musician record their song for them to dance to and put it on a pocket recorder. Here is Allison hearing the dedication to them...

John got these two great shots of them during their dance...

Allison was really touched and finally had to cry, she tried not to!

It was such a very sweet moment!

Here are all of their guests! The most important people to them. Everyone was so great, and I think we ALL felt so happy to be there to share the day with them.

Here are the ceremony decorations, fabulous Spring blossoms, by Stoneblossom.

The wedding dinner table...

They had a very special menu, with wine pairings for a perfect dining experience!

Now on to the ceremony, oh right, they have to get married at some point. We got to into photos we almost forgot! (photo by John)

It was a beautiful ceremony...

Each family member read a little something.

OK, I think that they are maybe just a little excited about getting married... Nicholas looks very happy!

Allison's Dad even got a little emotional during the ceremony.

This is the big moment!

The officiant was Debbie Gleadow, who I photographed 12 years ago! How funny is that?!
Married! Champagne all around!


Woo, all the stress and nervousness is over...

They are not only madly in love but also have a lot of laughs together!

A few last shots before I go...

So many great spots for photos at Castle Hill! Even just in the doorway...

And they lived happily ever after..
N+A, It was an absolute pleasure to spend the day with you! I truly appreciate your trust in me and your willingness to give of yourselves for the photos. You are a very special couple and I'm happy to know you. My best wishes for a long happy life together! - Trish


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