Summer Siesta

In high school, I can remember being offended the day after a formal dance and a late night spent at friend's house when my mom suggested I take a nap. How childish! I was, afterall, 16. Although I ended up taking her advice and did nap that day, I did so rather begrudgingly.

Coliena Rentmeester

I discovered a true love for napping, however, when living in the dorm my freshman year in college. My bed was positioned by the window, and it caught mid-afternoon sunlight as it streamed into our room. I don't remember the first time I fell asleep while lying in that puddle of light, but, like a cat, I became crazy about napping while basking in the warm sun.

Martin Lof

Life has been feeling rather nonstop for E and I as of late, and I believe this is only the beginning. Looking forward, I'm not sure when things will slow down, which leaves me longing for a day where we can steal a luxurious nap together.

While napping will certainly do anytime of the year, grabbing a siesta on a warm afternoon and waking with many hours of daylight remaining is something I love about summer.


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