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Just when you thought stori time was over,
the beloved starlet has so much more to say....

"My life has changed dramatically in the past several years. I married Dean; we moved several times; we had two children; we created a show that has gone into its fifth season on the air. I have a family. I have a home. I have work. It's all I ever wished for. But trying to be a perfect wife, mother, and mini-mogul has its challenges, especially if, like me, you want to be perfect at all of them at the same time."

- from uncharted terriTORI

Tori Spelling is a name we all know; a person we are fascinated by; a smart momma we look up to; a fashionista that inspires. But Tori Spelling isn't just a name - it's a successful biz. From Little Maven to HSN to best-selling-page-turning books, and a reality show you become glued too - the name TORI is everywhere and we aren't complaining.

From tv, movies, 90210 (yes, we still watch the old re-runs) to the weeklies - fans are loyal to Tori. So whats the fascination with T? Maybe it's her style, her hair, how funny she is --- whatever it may be - she continues to keep us intrigued in uncharted terriTORI, which we can promise will be another title to add to the bestselling list.

From jury duty to blowing up an inflatable pool from a drugstore - uncharted terriTori shows us once again that Tori Spelling is down-to-earth and just like the rest of us. And lets not forget the great advice she gives along the way....."Attention, men of the world: having children, caring for children, loving children affects the sex drives of all women. Your hot little girlfriend will change when she's a mother. You will be frustrated and feel rejected. She will be annoyed and feel misunderstood. The two of you will enter and indefinite period wherein the number of times per week you want to have sex is widely disparate. You will work on it. You will both have to compromise. This is scientific, evolutionary reality. Don't ask me for the studies to support it. Just trust me. The sooner you accept this, the better." We can't help but agree with how right she really is.

When we found out there was going to be a release for her third book we were beyond thrilled and couldn't wait to read it - as always Tori didn't let us down and we are ready for the 4th, in hopes there will be one. As chaotic as her life is we were able to catch up with her to find out just what she has been up too!
Tori: A day in our lives is chaotic. With 2 kids three and under multiple rescue dogs, chickens, and a new baby goat. I am fortunate that most of my businesses I can run from home except when I am out filming. In the morning we usually watch a little cartoons in our bed w/ kids then head down and make them breakfast. After breakfast they either go to school (3 days a week half days for Liam and Mommy and me for Stella 2 days a week) or we go for an outing. They love going to the bookstore, park, or indoor playgrounds. They also love swimming and take lessons 2 times a week. They still have 1 nap a day and do that right after lunch. In late afternoon we play in the backyard on the trampoline or often tend to our organic garden. The kids love picking their own vegetables. They have dinner and baths in early pm and then watch a little tv before bed. After they are in bed Dean and I get some alone time and then its nighty night. Infused in this day I have business meetings, calls, and decisions to tend to. Its a hectic day but I'm fortunate enough that I get to spend at home time with my kids and be a career woman.

Tori: With Liam and Stella I never leave house without my diaper bag packed with Sippy Cups (we went to Target recently and they picked out their own. Liam's fave one is Buzz Lightyear and Stella's has pink flowers all over it), snacks, baby wipes, diapers and pull ups, diaper creme, sunscreen, a change of clothes for them, crayons, and coloring books.

Tori: I said I wouldn't be a push over. But as a working mom I feel guilty on days that I can't be with the kids all day. So I do find myself giving in to them more than I should. And, I do let them watch a little more tv then I said I would.

Tori also adds - I never thought I'd be able to add best selling author to my list of accomplishments. Its been an amazing ride so far! I love sharing my stories and I'm so happy my fans respond to them. Now, having a children's book coming out is the icing on the cake. First and foremost I am a mom so to be able to write a book that I can read to my kids at bedtime is a proud proud moment for me! I can't wait till "Presenting... Tallulah" comes out and I can read it to Liam and Stella and say "Mama wrote that!"

Tori: Currently Dean and I are working on a new show for Oxygen called "Tori&Dean: Weddings" it blends my love of party planning and love! We plan couples dream weddings! So fun and emotionally rewarding to help people out. And I again get to work with my hubby! We are also developing a couple Movie of the Weeks to star in together. And yes, one day we would love to add a 3rd baby to our family!

1. I want to have a farm with chickens, goats, sheep, horses, and bunnies!
2. I would love to open an animal sanctuary for unwanted and sick animals.
3. I have a goat named Donna Martin
4. I've seen every horror movie ever made.
5. I'm terrified of roller coasters and tarantulas
6. I hate raisins
7. My favorite cooking ingredient is truffle oil
8. I'd love to learn to speak french
9. I'd love to do a cookbook or party planning book!
10. I'm obsessed with 80's music

As we hope for a future book or maybe a talk show (hint,hint Tori!) -- whatever comes our way we can never have too much Tori in our lives. Until then, you MUST go out and get uncharted terriTORI (which we read in 4 hours, it was that good!) as it hit shelves June 15th or buy it online here. Can't wait? Lucky for you Tori has signed three copies of her latest book just for our readers and we are giving you the chance to win one.
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In the mean time stay-in-touch with Tori on Twitter (she thanks her tweeps in the book too!) because she loves her followers just as much as we adore her!


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