Block Island Wedding Photography... Kristy and Jamie at the Sullivan House, Part 1

Posted by Mariah:

Ah, here we are on beautiful Block Island... starting off our weekend with a few smooches before heading in for the rehearsal dinner. Kristy and James are canoodling in front of the Sullivan House (green spec in the distance) where they'll be getting married tomorrow!

The dinner was held at Smuggler's Cove, which is a super cute little cottage type venue in New Harbor.

A few more pix of my bride and groom... such pretty evening light and good looking subjects! I hadn't met Kristy and James before this evening...
but I felt like I had already known them for ages!

Listening to some toasts by friends and family...

Jamie's mom gave this book to them as a gift at the dinner. She's a preschool teacher and her students gave their thoughts on what it means to be getting married. Their ideas are so simple- but pretty much dead on! I got such a kick out of this. I love kid art! My favorite one is: "Getting married is a bride with a heart for love." True that.

Coming up next... well, everything else! Stay tuned...


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