Sweet Melissa Sunday - Chestnut Honey Madeleines and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

I have "a" madeleine mold. Guess the one sentence says I have not made madeleines before; most madeleine recipes need several molds to bake a whole recipe. The dough is not made to sit in the bowl, especially Melissa's Chestnut Honey Madeleine recipe chosen by Debbie of Café Chibita. Baking along with the gang of Sweet Melissa Sunday's group has been widening my already large collection of bake ware, but who is complaining? I have been collecting LONGGGG before SMS was started and love every item!
I was a little lost over the word "chestnut" in the title of the cookie recipe. The madeleines are made using ground hazelnuts and the honey can be chestnut or clover. Nevertheless, the cookies are delicious. I failed to mention at the beginning where I used a miniature muffin tin for the rest of the cookie batter. Both shapes made for easy nibbling; a little to easy.
Filling a tin for the first time always leaves the question of whether the molds are too full or not full enough.I tapped the pan like the directions stated and the cookies popped right out of each mold. Happy Father's Day to all the Dads, including my Dad! The little tuxedo strawberries are a tribute to my hubby. AND . . .
Thank you Debbie for a wonderful recipe this week. I made my first madeleines and loved them! For the recipe, go see Debbie's blog and also check out all our other talented SMS bakers by clicking on the link for the list. Happy Baking Everyone!


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