Newport RI Wedding Photography... Emily and Adam at Castle Hill, Part 1

Posted by Mariah, Photos by Mariah and Melissa:

Emily was up at 7am sitting in her bed all by her lonesome. She woke up because it was a crazy thunderstorm so she snuck over to the curtains to pull them back and look out over the ocean from her little beach cottage. As she pulled the curtains back, a lightening flashed and she ran back to bed and pulled the covers up around her. Luckily she had a stash of chocolate chip cookies to keep her company.
By the time I arrived, the thunder and lightening was gone and everyone's spirits were high because it was not raining. Sayles Livingston delivered this amazing bouquet and the wedding day was underway!

Emily is so cute and so sweet you just want to eat her up!


Posing with her gown...


Time to get into that dress... I think maybe Emily is punctuality deficient... we were running a little behind at this point, but who cares? It's not raining!

Besides, you can't rush beauty.


That's Em's sister Beth getting all choked up... she was a bride herself last year!

Em and Adam opted to do their photos before the ceremony and I set up a killer spot for their first meeting.

Here's Adam getting into position and practicing his best Bond poses. Handsome!

Fav Photo of the day #1, Emily making her way over to Adam.

Sooooo Romantical!


This filtered soft light is my friend!

Oh, be-have!

Oooh, artsy shot from my second in command, Melissa!

I know, I know... you want more! Me too... Well, stay tuned for parts 2 and 3!


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