Jillian + John at Linden Place, Part 1 / Rhode Island Wedding Photographer

Posted by Trish: Photos by Trish and Melissa

Oh, Jillian and John are just lovely people, so sweet and nice. She had lots of great details too, things that I think I would have picked too. Let's start it off here with a slammin' bouquet of bright and fun colors made by Semia...

Amazing invitations and other printed gems, see the list below to find out where she got them.

I just love orange and blue together (even though those are Newton South's colors).

Really fun shoes from J Crew, I just wanted to keep touching the fringey part!

The best quote of the day cam from one of the ring bearers who watched Jillina put her bridal shoes on and then promptly said "you look silly". Nice. That's just what every bride want to hear. At least she didn't have her dress on yet!

very cool clutch bags for each of the bridesmaids found on Etsy, LOVE all things on Etsy.

She's about to dive into this big white bridal mass to complete the 'silly' look.

Not so silly now!

Ooooh, how amazing is this detail!?

I couldn't stop looking at this bag from J Crew, it's just delicious and elegant!

I thought that the flowers and flowers was fun...

While I was getting Jillian gettting ready, Melissa was downstairs wrangling the guys for a 'man photo'. Done and check.

Jillian looks so stunning, she was good at posing too.

A little twirling is always recommended, even encouraged on your wedding day, why not! Any other day you would just look silly.

Aw, beautiful! John is a lucky guy!

This photo is kind of a miracle. Have you ever met two 2 year old boys? Short attnetion spans! I love their little bow ties and sneaks.

So it turns out that Jillian is lovely because she has such lovely parents, Toni and Mike were beaming with happiness all day!

The rings awaiting their fingers...

All of the planning and running around all stops in this moment. Take a breath because you are now getting married, the moment is here! It's emotional.

Lighting the unity candle, a nice ritual after the vows are official. Sometimes I forget how important these kind of rituals are, each couple does them, it's very sweet.
OK, so come back tomorrow for part 2 with the formals and reception...

Those Who Made it Happen...
Gown and Veil: Priscilla of Boston
Shoes/Clutch and Bridesmaids: J Crew
Hair: Tara from Wish Salon
Make-Up: Alayne White Spa
Venue: Linden Place
Caterers: Blackstone Caterers
Cake: Sin Desserts
Flowers: Flowers by Semia
Invitations and Programs: Heather Jeany on Etsy
Bridesmaids Clutch: EA03 Designs on Etsy
Band: Nancy Paolino and The Black Tie band
Linens: Rentals Unlimited
Lodging: Bristol Harbor Inn
Transportation: Newport Trolley
Photography: Snap!


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