Block Island Wedding Photography...Kristy and Jamie at the Sullivan House, Part 3

Posted by Mariah:

I can't even recall how many times I have ridden my bike past this spot and thought, "What a perfect place to put a bride and groom..." Unfortunately, it's just never worked out for me, and I pedal on by with a sad little sigh...
I asked Kristy if there were any places in particular on BI that she wanted to stop for photos and guess what she said?

When we came out of the church it was raining, Kristy and Jamie got into my car and Kristy said, "So, what do we do just go back to the Sullivan House?"
I said, "NO! We can't do all your photos on a porch! How do you feel about getting slightly damp?"

Worth every hair wrecking sprinkle if you ask me...

Love it.

The dunes, the rain, and 3 inch jimmy choo's... no problem for this bride!

Some sweet pix by Lisa who also braved the rain and sand...

Now that's Block Island.

Meanwhile, our bridal party is safe and dry and ready for pictures back at the reception.

Loving the map/guestbook idea.

It may be grey outside, but inside the tent it's all sunshiney.

Is that the sun trying to come out?

I love this road leading up to the SH.

Let the wild rumpus begin!

Boys vs. girls... no clear winner.

More cow bell!

Clearly a couple who knows how to have fun together! Not bad little singers either!

Kristy and Jamie- thanks for a totally memorable trip to the Block. I'll think of you every time I ride by Mitchell's Farm! You were fun and sweet and great little photo-ers! Thanks for being adventurous and working it in the drizzle. You're the best! xoxoxox Mariah


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