Eileen and Doug at Indian Pond Country Club, Part Three

Posted by Mariah:

Cocktail anyone?

It was so warm and cozy at the CC, Eileen and Doug are taking five by the fire. After this photo I curled up on the floor with a hot cider and had a little nap.

(just kidding- about the nap part anyway)

Starting things off with some fun dancing to get everyone in the mood!

And then Doug took Eileen for a little spin around the dance floor.

Love this one.

Some funny toasts...

Eileen's mom and dad listening...


Something about marriage being like a river rafting expedition... and needing helmets to make it out alive?!

Cake time.

Eileen loves her cake topper even though her mom was skeptical.

She says she loves to run and jump into Doug's arms and often greets him this way- lucky guy.

In fact, Doug's brother told us in his toast that the first time he met Eileen, Doug was giving her a piggy back ride (having just met her himself I think). Doug said, "meet my future wife!"

That's a good story.

I like the ending.

E & D have some kooky friends.

Shout out to Dana!!!! Hey Dana! Thank you so much for referring Eileen to me. You're the best!

PCP... Providence College Pals.

We are family...

Almost forgot to do my ring photo... luckily the candy bar just opened up.

Guess I'll be the first to dig in...

(evil laughing).

Can't decide which is more yummy.

Nice moves Doug!

Nobody puts baby in the corner.

Such a fun night! Thanks for having me as a part of it!

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