Canvas, Canvas, Canvas!

Posted by Mariah:

Many of our snap! brides have expressed that they LOVE the canvas prints.

The problem is ... they are stumped by what size to pick, what photos to choose, and where to hang them.
Take a tip from our clever little snap! bride Chrissy, she sent me photos of her guest room and living room. I dropped the images she was considering right onto her walls and Voila! she can see what the final result will be...
I love that Chrissy is thinking outside the box here for the guestroom by using detail photos. The colors are so cheery and fun. We decided on 6 16x16 prints for this wall, given the dimensions she sent with the photos. Here's one of the options we came up with:

Let's peek into Chrissy's living room! This wall is screaming for some wedding photos! I love these three... we decided on a 30x20 for the middle photo and 2 16x24 photos on either side.

So, if you are stumped and need a little inspiration/help with the deciding... send along some photos of your bare walls and dimensions of the room. We'll whip you up a virtual gallery lickety-split!


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