Anne and Tony at Linden Place & The Glen Manor, Part Two

Posted by Mariah:

The photo-fun continues... Trish and Melissa are on fire! Who cares that it's practically a monsoon outside.
This photo is screaming, canvas! canvas!
Very clever Trishy.

Anne secured Linden Place for her formal photos just in case it was bad weather- smart girl!
It's so festive inside Linden Place... definitely a perfect spot for inside photos, whether it summer or winter. Give them a call if you are getting married in the East Bay and worry about a plan B!

The rain tapered off so our gang snuck outside for a few photos... then the Blues Brothers showed up... funny!

Linden Place has so many great angles. This is the back of the mansion.

Here's Ella our flower girl... how sassy are those shoes?!

Anne's fam...

Tony's fam...

This was a request from Anne... apparently Ivanca Trump has a shot like this... move over Ivanca!

More snuggling. Can't have too much of that.

Here's Linden's famous staircase. Pretty dramatic.

Every corner of Linden has a fabulous nook for pics. How sass-tabulous is Anne?!

I'm insane for this sleigh bed... it's a new piece of furniture and the ladies of Linden let us use it. I love the little interaction happening between Tony and Anne. It's a sweet in-between moment.

I love the blue-ness of this photo.

Here comes the blue light!

Right, almost time to get married!

A few more pics outside before the sun disappears.


Cold, wet, and rainy? No problem!

Well, I think the girls have exhausted every angle at Linden Place. Let's get these two married

Coming up next.....the ceremony!


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