using Copic markers for darker skin tones

Hi everyone!  For my Copic coloring class this month, I taught working with darker skin tones. So I thought I would post it here in case anyone was looking for information. I started with the colors I got from Suzanne Dean and her tutorial for African American skin tones which I used on the top left image. And then I just started picking up my markers and playing. Here are the skin colors for each image:  (click on the picture for an up close look)

Top left: 
E25, 13, 11, and 21 with R32 on her cheeks
her hair is E15,. 39, and 59

Top center: 
E13, 21 with R02 on her cheeks
her hair is the same as top left

Top right:
E15, 13, 11 with R02 on her cheeks
her hair is E97, 99, 17, and 29

Bottom left:
E11, 21 with R02 on her cheeks
Hair is E15, 39, and 59

Bottom right:
R02, E02, 01 with R20 on her cheeks
Hair is E19, 15, and 13

All her clothing is the same. For her leotard - R32 and 35. For her TuTu  G20, 21, and 24
for her crown, Y35 and 38 trim is done with a gold Spica glitter pen

For her tights, I used T1 with a bit of B41
R02 for her tongue and E31 for the inside of her mouth.

I found a tutorial a couple years ago about curly hair, and I truly wish I could find it again so I could give her credit for this technique. But for curly hair, I simply dot on the color in randomness. I start with the lightest and move through to the medium shade, then adding the low lights with my darkest color. I will then take the lightest and fill in any areas that are missing color. Do not blend! I think it gives such wonderful texture to curly hair and looks awesome no matter what color hair you're doing. Give it a shot, but make sure you have a light, mid, and darker color. Just use the tip of your marker to make the dots, so they're not huge. I think you'll love the result!

This adorble image is by Mo Manning at Digital Pencil Too.

I hope you find this useful! Thanks for stopping by to see me and hope to see you back again soon! Hugs!!


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