A Little Inspiration from Marie........

As I was painting my nails in “Punchy Pink” by Essie and listening to The Strokes, it hit me. I was having a Marie Antoinette moment. Well, at least a moment I think she’d have if she were a modern day gal like myself. I envision a similar bring fluorescent pink shade on her nails - embodying a youthful girl and a outgoing rebel all in one brushstroke. This concept took life when Kirsten Dunst played Marie in the Sofia Coppola film. The entire movie was eye candy with opulence seeping through the screen and causing my jaw to drop. The plot was scandalous and really - making it even more scandalous. 

Can you tell this movie inspires me beyond belief? First of all, if you haven’t seen it - I urge you to borrow/rent/buy it NOW! Secondly, take a peek at some of things I think Marie might fawn over if she was living her fabulous life today...

The movie has many gorgeous scenes with Kirsten in the most elegant wardrobe. When she wears blue, however, she just looks like she can do no wrong. This pale blue complement her fair skin and light hair. 

While looking at some of the most recent New York Fashion Week runway looks, I thought to myself, “Marie would definitely wear that out today!” To go with her light features, I picked some fun frocks that play with volume and texture and would more more than suitable for royalty to party in, too. 

1. Burberry  2. Christian Dior  3. Burberry 

I was pleasantly surprised when I came across this gorgeous collaboration of Louis Vuitton and none other than Sofia Coppola herself! She’s one of those people you want to be friends with, she’s effortlessly cool and real. Not to mention she has great style and a true eye for beauty, both on screen and on the street. My Marie pick for the collection is the “Slim Lambskin Gold” clutch. 

I could definitely see Marie toting that clutch around and wearing this ban.dō headband. The detail and craftsmanship in these headbands as well as the sheer beauty makes them a must have for anyone! This headband is appropriately named, “Glam Halo” and if you admire Marie Antoinette's love for head pieces but are looking for something more wearable...here it is.

The name of the game is opulence. Opulence and over-the-top glamour and sparkling details that will send your head reeling. This fancy footwear does not disappoint in this category. The Bourne “Kirsten” satin pumps have a simple front that allows for the the jeweled heel and voluminous back to be the focal point. They are absolutely stunning. The red Poetic License pumps have a  classic Marie feel to them. The warm rich colors and jewel flower above the bow would have melted the Queen’s heart...and then she’d just ask for another pair to be made. Nonetheless, these shoes could stand on their own as fabulous pieces. 

Marie Antoinette had an edgy side to her. In the movie she knew how to throw an incredible party and also found herself in the midst of a romantic scandal. Kirsten looks stunning as Marie in this black dress with an eye mask and feather in her hair. 

I couldn’t find a more perfect modern version than this Chanel look. The colors are perfect, and the dress and coat combination are an up-to-date version of the voluminous and edgy outfit from the movie. The headpiece completes the looks, and Marie would’ve had it no other way!

Throwing colorful parties and entertaining was something I craved after I saw the movie.  These items make me want to host the most extravagant party, all while fanning myself and hiding my beaming smile!

  1. Cristal D’Arques Longchamp champagne flutes  2. Jonathan Adler lacquer tray  3. Declaration Boutique Paper and Bamboo Fans
“Let them eat cake.” This picture says it all. The woman had style and attitude. She left an impression on history and hopefully these last items I picked out will leave quite the impression on you...I think they’re fabulous!

This Carolina Herrera detailed white dress is breathtaking. It’s what I call the “movie star meets Marie” look. 

No doubt, a queen wears pricey and more traditional gems than these, but these glimmering finds have a luxe romantic charm, don’t you think?

1. Declaration Boutique “Evergreen Diamant Carré” earrings  2. Kate Spade “Year of Color February” ring  3. Kate Spade “Crystal Kaleidoscope” necklace  4. Juicy Couture “Princess” cubic zirconia studs  5. Judith Jack “Relfections” Abalone Round Line bracelet 

And last but not least, dessert! 

Macaroons from New Orleans sweet shop, Sucre.


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