Getting to Know McKenzie Westmore

You may recognize McKenzie Westmore from her 10 year run as "Sheridan Crane" on NBC's popular daytime drama Passions but that isn't all she is best known for - an actress, television host, wife, mother and fitness and health enthusiast are a few more titles she holds. Currently, she is host of SyFy's new special effects and make-up competition series FACE OFF - a new show we are loving. 

McKenzie also has quite the background in personal training and nutrition as a health, beauty, fitness and nutrition enthusiast! What else could she add to her full multi-tasking plate? A line of wellness products! McKenzie has created a line to enhance the health, beauty and well being of women everywhere. 

We are thrilled to share the lovely Mrs. Westmore with our readers as she truly is an inspiration of how you can do it all! 

{1} You do it all -- you hold so many titles. How do you manage it all?

Some days I wonder myself! Honestly, I am a very organized  person but even still it’s not easy and it’s always a juggling act. I am always making notes in my phone for the day of what needs to be accomplished, making sure Maddox is taken care of at all times! 

{2} Many of us watched you for years on Passions. Do you miss that chapter in your life? Do you have a favorite episode you filmed?  

There are certain aspects that I miss from my Passions days but am thrilled with where my life and career are headed now. As or a favorite episode I would have to say the first Tango between Luis and Sheridan.  It was really the first time seeing the sparks between the characters and my first time dancing on television, which scared me to death but I loved it! 

{3} Congrats on your new show, Face Off! What can you tell us about the new competition series? 

Face Off is a competition/elimination series exploring the world of special-effects make-up. The contestants are given a certain amount of time to create their own original works of art ranging from full body paint make up on models to creating their own horror villain. Not only does the show incorporate effects make-up but it will also include a wide range of skill sets. It all ends with one winner and one grand prize that will launch a career.  

Each episode brings something new and exciting.  If you have ever asked “How did they do that?” or “How did they make that?” in a movie or television show then FACE OFF is for you!

{4} Besides the new show you are working on developing a line of wellness products. Can you tell us a little about that?  

I’m working on a series of products for beauty, health, nutrition and wellness.  I'm very excited about these products because they have been inspired by my family's rich history, knowledge, and legacy as pioneers in the world of Hollywood make-up arts.  

{5} What can we find in your make-up bag?  

Oh boy!  What cant you find! I love trying and testing out new products but my staples are a bronze primer to start.  I’m not big on foundation since it’s so heavy on the skin and I love a more natural look so I use a tinted moisturizer with spf, mineral powder.  

As for my signature colors, I always stick with a pink blush and pink eye shadow with either brown or black eyeliner and use either white or light blue on the table of my eye to brighten them up.  For lips its usually just gloss and now I Love Lip Fusion XL!  It has totally pumped my lips naturally! 

{6} With background in personal training - what do you always tell your clients? Do you have a favorite work out?  

I always stress the importance of a well-rounded workout that is based in cardio and weight bearing moves.  I’ve always been a big fan of yoga because it not only is so great for the body but for the mind and soul too!  One of my all time favorite yoga practices is HP Yoga by Steve Ilg. 

{7} For those who always can't get to the gym - what do you suggest they do in their own home? 

When it’s a rainy day and I'm home I do a combination of yoga based moves as well as jumping jacks, pushups, jogging in place…etc…you really can get a great workout in wherever you are with simple tools we all have in our home.   Even when Maddox was a baby I would incorporate him in my workouts holding him close doing squats and such.  

I’ve really been an open book most my life so here goes… 

1. I trained in opera and am a coloratura soprano.  I love to sing to this day! 

2. I am a trained equestrian rider in English and Gymnastics on horseback. 

3. I can raise one eyebrow and wiggle my ears.

4. I hate liver and onions.

5. I could live on sushi! 

6. I’m an expressive person and communicator and a huge pet peeve is when someone doesn’t pay me the same respect.

7. I first acting job was at 14 months old in a Bold Detergent commercial. 

8. My favorite color is turquoise.

9.  My favorite cars are a ’57 Chevy and Mercedes Gull wing.

10. I love to bake and make a mean cookie! 

Love her right? We do! Make sure you follow McKenzie on Twitter and tune in to Face Off on the SyFy channel, Wednesday at 10pm! 


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