FFwD - The Month of February - Short Ribs in Red Wine and Port

French Fridays with Dorie is such a fun group to be a part of. No one is required to bake every single week, in fact, you can bake along as little or as much as you wish. This week was short ribs in red wine and port. Sounds delicious, know?

P.S.: By the way, I have missed the whole month of February's recipes for FFwD and I don't know if anyone noticed but the recipes for the month, put together, make (1) amazing dinner . . . which is what I did. February 4th: Basque Potato Tortilla, February 11th: Orange-almond Tart (I made Pear-Hazelnut Tart variation), February 18th: Pancetta Green Beans, and February 25th: Short Ribs in Red Wine and Port.

My short ribs came (5) to a package so I had to decide between less or more then the called for (12) short ribs in the recipe. I went with (15) because I just couldn't resist. Leftovers sounded wonderful!

My pictures were all over the place for clarity; which was not noticed until after dinner was eaten and the pictures were downloaded to the computer. I have no clear pictures to show you of the wine/port/vegetable/herb mixture. I do have the ribs just out of the oven from broiling with the glaze applied.

Out of all (4) recipes, my two absolute favorites were the green beans with pancetta and the pear-hazelnut tart. Bob Mills sells packaged, ground hazelnuts and since hazelnut flour was in my pantry, this is what I used for the tart.

The basque potato tortilla is delicious and easier to make then I thought. We used mushrooms, onions, and potatoes. Leftovers made the perfect warmed up breakfast. Dorie was absolutely right about using a cast iron skillet for great results.

Oh the green beans! Loved, loved, loved the green beans. My first time ever using walnut oil drizzled over all. Just a little bit was plenty and the pancetta made the whole dish taste so much more with the salty, slightly crisp, and just a little nutty. A definite make again recipe. So good!

My only picture of the gremolata, an amazing flavor accompaniment, adding another level to the short ribs. I had no idea tangerine and beef went together so well. I used chopped parsley instead of the cilantro mainly because that was what we had on hand.

Dorie, every recipe I have tried in your new French cookbook has been a treat and fun to plan and put together. I already have a list of recipes to re-make, trying your variations you put to the side of each recipe. You Rock!


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