Sarah and Wes at Astor's Beechwood, Part One

Posted by Mariah:
Reunited! Me, Trish, Sarah & Wes... just like old times. We had such a blast with these guys in NYC for their photo date we felt like we were visiting old friends on the wedding day! These little beauties were created by Sayles Livingston. The colors are so fun.

Sassy Sarah's snake skin shoes.

Beautiful invites. Who would decline after receiving something like this in the mail?

Trish being tricky with the rings.

Sarah is so gorgeous- and crazy fit! I knew she'd be stunning in her gown.

What goes good with snake skin? Feathers!!!

Sarah is a lucky lady. Not only is she about to gain one handsome husband... she also gains a beautiful step daughter and adorable stepson.

Sarah & her mom.

This is Evan, the adorable one. Sorry to embarrass you Evan, but it's true.

Sarah and Wes are seeing each other before the ceremony for photos. Here are Sarah and Lindsay making their way over to our meeting spot.

Trish and Melissa scoped out this spot when they were in Newport earlier in the month. They couldn't use it because it was raining... yeah for me that it's not raining today. I think it was the perfect spot for Sarah and Wes to meet.

This is always the best moment!!!

Wes looks smitten.

Can't say I blame him.

Tip #1 for the day: Trust your photographer!
Sometimes the location may seem a bit shall we say, "sketchy." In this instance, there was a crumbling wall, a lot of dried up seaweed, a little graffiti and some trash strewn about. Sound like an awful place for wedding photos? At first glance, maybe. Your photographer is probably seeing things a little differently though. We knew Sarah was up for some funky gritty locations so we knew she'd love this. The parents who were along for the ride were a little horrified. I hope they breathe a sigh of relief when they see these photos!
Trish took this one- I LOVE it! The bridge, the curve of the wall, the blue background... lovely!

So sweet.

This is my view.

Here I am helping Evan who has become a little disheveled. I feel I am qualified for this job because I have a VERY disheveled 11 year old son.

The whole gang.

We decided to walk from our first location to our second location. I thought it would be fun to incorporate some of the classic Newport architecture. This is a tucked away little neighborhood. Sarah was a really good sport about walking in those heels and getting the train of her dress a tad dirty. She is committed to great photos!

Holding hands with the kids, love this one.

Next stop! The train tracks. (No pun intended). We are not redeeming ourselves with the parents yet.

Love this.

Sarah and Wes were really working it for us.

Fav! Trish got this beautiful shot.


Now- we have redeemed ourselves! A classic Newport background at a secret location.

A family portrait. AWW.

Having some fun with the bridal party.

Something a little different. You know I am crazy for the big blue sky.

Wes and the ladies. I love their scrunchy wraps. Need to ask Sarah where I can score one of those.

So dramatic.


Time to head back to Astor's... and get married!

But first a few photos outside... Trish loves veils- she can't help herself!

So beautiful.

Show time!
Stay tuned tomorrow for the ceremony & reception!


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