Erin and Eric at The Popponessett Inn on Cape Cod, Part 2

Posted by Melissa:

This bike was in the same exact spot when we did the engagement shoot. Luckily it was still there for the wedding day!

There were some little shops outside the ceremony site. They were all closed for the winter so there was no one around to sabotage our photo-ing.

Family Portrait of the brand new family.

Off to the ceremony spot! E's on the door to keep with the theme.

This was Mariah's brain child and I did the snapping! Now that's team work!

About to go down the aisle...

Mariah was up in the balcony.

Loving the shoes!

Erin and Eric had some of the cutest readings that made everyone laugh.

And here they are walking down the aisle to Growing Pains! Pretty funny! "Show me that smile again..."

Mariah got this shot. A little fun fact about Mariah... She once had a crush on a boy who had a Kirk Cameron style mullet and tucked in his sweatshirts. I bet when the song started up she was thinking about his curly locks...

I love these pics of Erin and Eric coming out of the ceremony. Total happiness!

Erin's little sister getting a little emotional

Walking to the reception...

A beautiful detail shot from Mariah

Erin and Eric have a collection of E's that they used on the tables. I like the Idaho E which is where they happen to live.

OK so Mariah and I spent WAY too much time photographing these cupcakes. There were four or five different kinds and they all looked delicious! Sweets are not my weakness, but these were killing even me!

This one looked especially dreamy!!! A deluxe Hostess cupcake!

This has Mariah written all over it.

First Dance...

It's me with 3 cameras (fancy, huh?)! When my hubby saw I was wearing sneakers he said "But you are going to a wedding!!!" I had to explain to him that I was only trying to get into the spirit of things! All the boys wore sneakers! I bought new ones especially for the day. I did feel a little like Ellen, but hey I was comfortable!

Mariah was using some blue light while...

I was doing my own blue light special in a very non-Kmart kind of way.

More cupcakes! They looked so delicious we thought they'd look better with rings on them! Mariah took one and then I did. Or course we had to take two different shots so there were two to eat when we were done!

Reception fun!

Mariah got this fun crazy shot doing a little camera experimentation.

There I am getting ready for the sparkler send off...

There they go!!! Congrats, Guys!

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