Kate and Peter's Wedding at Shelter Harbor Golf Club Part 2

Posted by Melissa:

After the ceremony Kate's father gave a toast to the new couple. He bought the champagne for this toast when Kate was born!

Looks yummy...

Time to do some photos! They were a fun crowd. Sort of obvious from the pictures!

I love this one! Everyone is doing something funny! Well, maybe the groomsman standing next to Kate didn't get the memo. I still think it's great!

I think this was pretty clever of me if I do say so myself! I love it!

All the guys posing...

While the girls sip bubbly

Here is Kate and Peter with Peter's siblings. Something tells me that Peter's parents had their hands full.

Nice shot from Lisa

WHAT! The sun was so bright and golden! It was insane! I LOVE this picture!

A little smooch at the end of the dock

Such a great spot!

"Porsche. There is no substitute." (I'm totally dating myself with that movie quote)Kate and Peter were chauffered to the reception by best man, Ryan, in his Porsche. On a side note I had to follow this car in my Ford Focus wagon! Kind of funny!

Zooming by!!!

A nice portrait of the lovely couple

Cocktail Hour

Shelter Harbor Golf Club is an amazing place! Everything is beautiful there.

Reception Tent outside

More beautiful flowers by Weedweavers.


Kate's mom gave a fun speech with props! Here's a photo of Kate and Peter dressed as Peter Pan and Tinkerbell for Halloween (Kate's idea I'm guessing)

Here's a photo of Kate and Peter who are totally embarassed about the Peter Pan and Tink photo

Dancing fun!

I'm not sure exactly what happened to the cake. It's probably safe to say that Kate and Peter somehow destroyed it. There wasn't even a piece to eat! They just kind of took a nibble off of what was stuck to the cake server.

For Kate and Peter's friends and family, Click HERE to sign up to see all of the photos when they are ready.


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