Erin and Eric's Photodate on Cape Cod

Posted by Melissa:

Once upon a time there were three little snap girls making a web site. They all had to write 10 things about themselves. Melissa was second guessing everything she wrote until Mariah and Trish told her "Just write about yourself, someday someone might read it and know you are the photographer for them."

Enter Erin and Eric! That's exactly what happened when they read my "about me". When Erin told me that, I was immediately psyched to meet them and be a part of their day.

Seeing that the names Erin and Eric both start with "E", it is a wedding theme. I couldn't pass up a photo near this big E.

Walking down to the beach.

Romance in the scrubby pines...

We actually did this photodate the Tuesday before the wedding because Erin and Eric live in Idaho! We figured it would be nice scope out some spots for the wedding and finally get to meet each other.
It was nice to meet each other, but doing photos at Popponsett is a no brainer! This place is beautiful!!!!

So, this is a super dupe portrait if I do say so myself.

Did I mention that I love this place?

We did an early morning shoot. I usually shoot portraits in the afternoon so it was nice change.

Erin and Eric have a collection of E's that they brought in from Idaho for the wedding. I thought it would be cool to use them during the engagement shoot. I love this one.

And what a perfect spot to put the engagement ring!

Since we'd be taking wedding photos in the exact same spot in 3 days I only wanted to take photos we wouldn't do on the wedding day. Obviously I wouldn't have any brides sitting in sand in a wedding gown. SO we were all about getting dirty on this shoot.

Romance in the dunes...

Erin had an "E" bracelet, too! I told you this was a theme!

OK... so this pic is awesome!

Next up on the blog... Erin and Eric's Wedding!!! Part One!


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