Chrissy and Danny , Part One

Posted by Trish:

I shot their photodate session last year around this time and it seemed like it would be forever until the wedding. Chrissy and I did a lot of emailing and coordinating before the big day, so it was fun to finally be there taking the pictures! They had a gorgeous day!

Her dress was so romantic, the sash and pin were amazing!

I heart shoes.

She had a beautiful green and purple color scheme.

Getting into the gown is always interesting...over the head VS. stepping in.

A beautiful candid in-between moment.

I think that Chrissy is kind of excited to be marrying Danny!

All of the ladies look so fabulous!

Here's our groom patiently waiting for his bride to arrive. (they were coming from Newport to Barrington, so it took a while!)

The big moment!

I do, you do, so do I. (a 90's music reference)

They had a full house with over 200 guests in attendance, no on wanted to miss this event!

I wonder what she was thinking about...

They had a bagpiper escort down the isle.


Bursting into that bright sun was a little traumatic! Especially since we have not seen the sun that much these days.

Beautiful flowers by 'Flowers by Semia'

Danny's family....

Chrissy's family....

More beautiful bouquets, love the purple!

What well behaved children!

Well, they are kids after all. I think just getting them all together in a photo with no one crying is an accomplishment!

The very stylish and awesomely posed wedding party...they worked out their own moves here.

The afternoon light was killer!

I could have shot photos in the spot forever!

The famous 'walking' shot. I have an a amazing photo from the 30's of my grandfathers family walking down the street on Easter Sunday arm in arm. That is what inspired me to do this a long time ago with wedding parties. I should post it this winter on the blog.

Hello gorgeous wedding couple...

Is this spot romantic or what?! It's Colt State Park in Bristol. We did their photodate photos just across the street a year ago.

Since the ceremony was in Barrington and the reception in Newport we figured this spot in between was perfect. We were very lucky to have such great weather!

These two were so easy to photograph, they are madly in love with each other!

My favorite.

See you back here tomorrow for sunset photos at Oceancliff and the reception...


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