The snap! cam visits Aisha and Dave in CT.

So this is the adorable Aisha and Dave, you may remember them from their 40 Steps portrait session last Fall. They are getting married August 28th at Castle Hill, I'm looking forward to it!

My impression of them when we did the portrait was that they are really in love, have a great time together and are just really nice people. Dave's size is a little intimidating at first, but he is a real sweetheart and he is very loving towards Aisha which is nice to see.

Here they are snuggling in their apartment last week...

Aisha grew up in Brooklyn, so this ornament is an homage to her hometown.

This is where they both went to law school and where they first met! I'm sure that it's lovely when the weather isn't so crappy, we won't judge it based only on these photos!

Then she took a drive over to Sleeping Giant State Park for a few scenery photos, lovely! They like to hike here in the warmer months.

Very dramatic with the snow...

Since it was such a cold and snowy day, there was a lot of hanging out at home, and of course being really cute!

OK, so this is great, Dave proposed to Aisha by putting her ring in one of the boxes in their Advent tree. I love the creative proposals! Here he is proudly posing with it. Don't you think he needs to work out more, his arms are so skinny!
(Obviously kidding Dave, those guns are awesome!)

Aisha made some homemade chicken soup to make things super cozy! Yum!

Well, no more relaxing, off to work(they have a wedding to pay for)! Aisha and Dave are both attorneys.

Then Aisha was nice enough to take Dave's (stinky) work shirts to the cleaners.

Well, you guys are too cute! Thanks for letting us take a peek into your life and get to know a little bit. I appreciate your willingness to be part of it and to make such a great effort to take so many fun photos! See you in the summer! -Trish


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