Krista and Darren at Linden Place (New Year's Eve) Part 2

After the ceremony, we ducked back into the mansion for some "formal" photos. Here is the whole gang, warm and dry. We had the whole house to ourselves, which was nice. Meanwhile, the caterers were breraking down the ceremony and setting up the reception while the guests enjoyed the cocktail hour...

A little snuggling on this fantastic couch...Isn't the bottom of Krista's dress terrific?!

A classic portrait... got to have it!

Now it's time for the party so we head back over to the carriage house where cocktails await!

But first a quick pic outside these fun doors...

Fun, yes... but also very heavy! Darren is ready for a cocktail!

One of the best moments is always when the bride and the groom see their venue decorated for the first time- here Darren and Krista are taking it all in... a sneaky photo by Trish, I love it!

Nice detail of the place cards- love the cork, very festive for new years!

These table arrangements are terrific too, I don't know what these papery "sticks" (for lack of a better word) are called but I think they are really cool.

More sticks! And little birds on the cake- adorable and wintery!

Krista's bridesmaids gave a funny toast about her indecisiveness about the wedding planning, but absolute decisiveness about Darren being the guy for her!


Just so we don't forget what's going on outside...

The countdown for New years with a champagne toast!


What a great way to kick off the new season! Hurray for 2009!
Coming up next, Krista and Darren brave the coldest day of the year for some photos the morning after their wedding....


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