Krista and Darren at Linden Place on New Year's Eve... Photos by Mariah & Trish Part 1

Well, a snow storm is always an interesting way to start of the New Year! I was thinking that a light dusting would be kind of cool for the photos- but that's not exactly what was in store for us. Krista and Darren weren't expecting this either, but it made for some pretty dramatic photo moments!
These are Krista and Darren's wedding bands, which Darren made!

I was supposed to go and photograph Krista and Darren's wedding all by my lonesome- but Trish agreed to come along and be my second shooter and lighting expert extraordinaire! Thank goodness! This was NOT a one person job! Here we are looking very glamorous in our winter attire. It was freezing in Bristol on the water!

We snapped this shot of Darren across the street from the hotel. The whole town felt like it was shut down... I love that about a storm. Darren was very accommodating to pose in this weather, or is he just frozen?

Here are the boys making their way up State Street to Linden Place... too cool for coats?

I love this bouquet, so festive!

Trish and I gasped (with excitement) when we saw Krista's dress hanging... I am absolutely insane for the little fur shrug, it's very Hollywood Glam!

Very clever program... nice idea.

Getting ready upstairs at Linden Place...

So excited!

Here's a little portrait of Krista, she's pretty sparkly.

The gals striking a pose...

Here she is with that jacket! She's going to need it! (see photo below)

See what I mean? Trish got this photo as Krista made her way from the mansion to the carriage house for the ceremony. (I was already all toasty inside!)

Warm and glowy in front of the fireplace.

A little more warm and glowy.

They did it!

Back across the drive for pictures... I think this moment is so cute...

This one is even better! Krista and Darren having a few seconds to themselves before everyone else arrives for photos. One of my favorite pics from the evening.

Coming up next, Part 2, formals & reception. Also, Krista and Darren were brave enough to meet me the morning after their wedding for another photo shoot. I really wanted to get some pictures of them in the nice daylight- not an option on New Year's Eve! Turns out, New Years day was even colder- but we got some terrific shots of that too, so stay tuned!


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