Burrito Bonanza!

If you call the office at lunch time and we don't answer, it's probably because we are here at our favorite hangout having yet another lunch out! Where is here you may ask? Great question!

This is the newest and most delicious addition to the East Bay, BeBop Burrito! It's located at 40 Market Street in Warren across from the Municipal parking lot.

We are totally insane for all things BeBop, especially the co-owner, Don. Not only is he cute as all get-out, but he's Mariah's honey too! (Just so you know, we do pay for lunch, We'd put him out of business with our big lunches!) Don's partner is Mike- they were in a band together before they founded Bebop.

So here are some fun before and after shots of the restaurant...A pretty miraculous transformation indeed!

Oh, what lovely giant canvas photos you say? Why yes, they are all vacation photos from the Dominican Republic and Florida that were taken by Mariah and Trish. So fun to see them so big!

Mariah usually gets the Fish tacos, crispy or soft. I love the chips and the bowl. But they have wheat tortillas now, so I could be going for the burrito more often.

Here is Mariah being so proud of her guy, they have worked so hard to get the place up and running and it's beautiful. It's really beautiful inside, so bright and cheery! They have fun music playing too.

This is our corner table that we frequent, be sure to beep when you see us in the window chowing down our lunch.

It's hard to believe that this is even the same place! It's so cool.

Ta da! Here is the man of the hour, Don! Isn't he adorable? Mariah is crazy for him, it's kind of ridiculous sometimes, seriously! Don, we need more chicken! Oh, they also have the best sweet potato fries. I'm getting hungry here.

And here is my super cute boy Isaac, giving his stamp of approval on the chips and 'wakamole'. He ate the entire basket, no problemo!

They are open Monday through Saturday for lunch and dinner, they even have delivery service too.

For those of you not from the area, Warren is located half way between Providence and Newport in a cute little town with all kinds of cute shops. So if you are coming to see us you can make a stop on your way for a Burrito!

You can check out the menu on their website http://www.bebopburrito.com/


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