The Snap-Cam Travels to Boston and Survives to Tell the Story...

Our latest installment highlights Karalyn and Erik who are getting married in less than a month! They are having a beautiful wedding at Belle Mer on February 21st, so be sure to check back to see their wedding photos the week after!

But in the meantime let's get to know them a little bit... They met at Quinipiac University where they were paired together to do a radio show, they dated for a while and then she went to NYC for a job after graduation. But then she came back to Boston to work at WBCN and they reconnected then. I guess it would be safe to say it worked out!

Karalyn had just returned from a trip to Naples Florida for her bachelorette party when the Snap-Cam arrived. Apparently she had to pay extra for her luggage because it was so heavy! See comparison below, funny!

Here is Erik posing so nicely with his favorite food, clementines! They are so good when it's so grey and cold outside!

Here's our soon to be bride posing with her Chiwowa 'Dutchy'. That is the best name for a dog, I love it! I wonder if he'll be at the wedding??? Maybe the ring dog?

I'm sure most brides have a desktop that looks very similar, a couple of things related to work and then the 'wedding binder'! Oh and of course a giant engagement ring, that's a must for every girl!

Here are a few shots that Karalyn took at work, very cool. Angles that the general public don;t usually get to see. So if you listen to WBCN, this is where it's coming from...

And of course the biggest news of our generation most likely... the inauguration of our new President Barack Obama! Such an exciting time, I'm so glad that she recorded this photo and that someone had the Snap-Cam on this day too!

OK, so here is the real info that the other brides need to know... She says don't expect the predicted 15% of your invites to come back as no's. As you can see below, Karalyn and Erik are very popular people and EVERYONE wants to go to their wedding, except for Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Perkins of course. We'll miss them.

Here is the Kitchen Aid mixer that she is not sure why she needs it or even how to use it. I can imagine that she's not the only one. But the look cool on the counter top, so whatever.

Last but not least, one the way to work the next day (with the Snap-Cam ready to send back) Karalyn was in a really bad car accident! She was side swiped and sent through a guard rail and into an exit sign and then into a tree! She says that she just feels lucky to be alive and says not to lose perspective during the wedding planning. I guess it's times like this when you realize just how fast something can happen and that things that seems important one minute suddenly are not in the next.
PS. This is the good side of the car- the other side is worse!!!!! OUCH

Well we are certainly so happy that you are OK!!!!!! And we are also glad that the Snap-Cam survived the accident so that we could get this chance to see your photos and get to know you before the wedding. We will look forward to seeing you then and rocking out some great pictures for you and Erik. Take care of yourself until then!!!!!


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