Icing the Cake... A Collaboration with Confectionary Designs

It's winter and we are all feeling a little trapped indoors. Also, there's not a whole lot of shooting going on considering it's 10 degrees outside. We get a little depressed when we are not shooting, so we came up with an idea to get us snapping and also stretch our creative wings. We are doing a series of collaboration projects with our friends in the industry. The first people we thought to ask were Marie and Mark Soliday of Confectionery Designs.

We've been big fans of Mark's cakes for years and recently we got to know this sweet couple (pun totally intended) on a personal level. They are so fun and so creative, we knew they'd be perfect for our first collaboration shoot. Marie had the fabulous idea of "floating" a cake on ice. After much discussion and a scouting of locations here is what we came up with.

This shot is my fav.

Mark created this fun reddish pink cake to "pop" against the white and blue of the surroundings.

Each of those delicate flowers is made by hand from sugar. Wow! That's patience!

I think it's so fabulous that Marie and Mark ran with these ideas and thought out of the box. Their cakes are classic yet unexpected, which is exactly what these photos are.

This is Trish's fav. She feels like the cake has a lot of personality in this one.

Here are a few behind the scenes shots...
Yours truly trying hard not to slip on the ice and end up with a broken hip and smashed cake.

The ice was making all kinds of cracking noises, so Trish decided to stay a little closer to shore and just direct the shoot from a safe distance. Thanks.

It's probably not too deep here right?
Good think I am wearing bright green rubber boots, that ought to help.
We are looking forward to more collaborations with the best in the biz... so stay tuned!
Make sure you contact Mark and Marie if you are in the market for a wedding cake and are looking for something extra special!


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