Gillian and Adrien at the NY Historical Society... Part Three

Gillian and Adrien making their way into the reception. This is a great venue and an interesting space. The event coordinator Brooke, planned the party to perfection!

Gillian and Adrien used 4 VERY long banquet tables for their guests. Love this idea.

So sparkly.

What a dramatic space!

A bird's eye view of the room...

I love miniature food!

Place cards in the gallery being overseen by these ladies...

There were many lovely historical paintings in the building...we thought this one was fun.

Love this one.

Gillian and Adrien had 4 very funny and heartfelt toasts.

Gillian's dad spoke about how Gillian was always a little shy but now Adrien helps her break out into more adventurous activities, including swimming in shark infested waters... what?!
This is good because?!

Everyone was chatting and enjoying the fabulous meal... I think this is just what Gillian and Adrien envisioned.

Who wouldn't enjoy being a part of this festive evening?!

Sisters sharing a laugh like only sisters can.

and the best man...

Gillian and Adrien planned to have these fun cakes set out on the tables after dinner. The couples married the longest got to cut the cakes.

Gillian is just gorgeous.

Cake time!

The cakes were a major hit. They looked so delicious and smelled great too.
I love me some frosting!

MMM. Red Velvet.

Dancing was in a separate room, so Trish snuck in with them for a few photos before the festivities began. Meanwhile, I am keeping an eye on the cakes.

This is the library, swanky!

The intros...

Trish is getting the view from above...very above!


Party time!

My competition...

Such a fun party, everyone danced their butts off.

Gillian and Adrien were pretty good dancers, they had some nice moves!

The End. Time for the Snappers to head back to their beloved Rhody....
Gillian and Adrien, thank you so much for inviting us to be a part of this wonderful day!
You were not only fantastic to photograph but a real pleasure to get to know. Best of luck in your happily married life!
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