Gillian and Adrien at the New York Historical Society... Part Two

A few delays and a slightly late start... and then finally, the big moment! Adrien and Gillian got married at The Church Of Heavenly Rest.
The long aisle was perfect for Gillian's dramatic entrance.

I love the look at Adrien's face!

I was perched in a funny little window over the altar for this shot.
This is not an angle we usually get, fun!

Adrien's parents looking on.

From my perch over the altar, I ran the length of the church up in the rafters to get this angle. It was a little dark and creepy up there, but worth it for this wide shot.

... and this one too.

Meanwhile, Trish is on the ground capturing the I do's. Her job was harder, it's tough staying in a crouched position with a big heavy lens.


Mr and Mrs!

A congratulatory hug from the maid of honor and the best man.

Making it extra official. I love this one- what decade are we in?

A little fun with the bridal party... Trish the expert at organizing large groups wrangled them for this photo. Nice!

These next couple of shots really knock my socks off. Trish found this little side chapel while waiting for the ceremony to start. What luck! What a fabulous space. I was so excited when I saw it, it's so special and unique.



Lovely details.

Time to bundle up and go to the reception.

Adrien learns about the bustle... such a gentleman.

Let the fun begin!
Coming up next... the reception at the NY Historical Society.


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