Aisha and Dave........Say What?!

Trish got this beautiful thank you note from our friend and snap! bride Aisha. Aisha just got her album and I think she likes it. Here's what she has to say:

I have been meaning to email you to tell you that we got our album and we love it so so so much!!! It is the most beautiful album that I have ever seen and I am sooooo happy that it happens to be ours!

I am honestly obsessed with it. Dave laughs because I ve looked at it so many times since we got it. I like to sit on the floor with it in this specific position with my face like 3 inches away from it so that I can examine every detail of every photo. It takes me like 5 minutes on each page. HaHaHa! There is something new that I see every time that I love! I never imagined that the photos would be so clear, they pop so much more than they do on the computer and I wasn't prepared for that!!! The chronology and the placement of the photos are absolutely perfect!

Everything really is beautiful about it, the leather is so pretty (and has such a great smell), the picture on the front, the high resolution photos. Oh, and you were definitely right, the bigger size was the perfect choice for us! Those photos that span both pages and are huge are my fav, the size has such an impact. They are more beautiful then I ever could have imagined. I look back at so many of the photos and it's amazing how they really captured the exact feeling that I was feeling in that exact moment. I can look at the photo and it immediately brings me back to that feeling. I love it!

Every time I look through our album it tells the story of our wedding and allows me to relive the day over and over, which is the best gift I could ever ask for! It is truly our first family heirloom that we can share now with our parents and we will show our kids and grand kids in the future, and cherish forever.

Thanks for doing such a great job! ~ Aisha


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