Meredith and Bill at the Sullivan House on Block Island, Part One

Posted by Trish:

So the good news is that the storm didn't really materialize on Saturday, so the wedding was on without any hitches! It was a beautiful day, lucky us!

Such a Block Island scene.

This is a detail of Meredith's dress, it was so fabulous! Kind of a vintage yet modern style.

Here's the bling, I enjoy the contrast of old door knob and the new ring.

A little bubbly to get into the mood...

Oooh, fun shoes, love the pink insoles!

Meredith is one of the few people that can pull of a dress like this, she doesn't have any flaws!

Her earrings were so sparkly and fun, a great choice with gown I thought.

This bracelet was awesome too! So different...and sparkly.

She also had a super fun feathery hair piece to complete the look.

The flowers actually came over on the ferry the night before since no one knew what would be happening with the storm on Saturday. Everyone pitched in to help get everything together.

The first meeting, such a great moment!

The stone walls here are so amazing!

Good times at the Southeast Light House...

It's such a beautiful building, lucky for us the construction was over so it was good for all angles.

The stone walls are very Block Island, this really gives the feel of the island.


Meredith's bouquet sunning itself on the stone wall.

Then off to 'downtown' for a few more photos.

The light was so beautiful, the sun was filtering through lots of soft clouds, awesome!!!!

The Surf Hotel is not currently in operation, but it's a fabulous backdrop. What year is this?!

This may be my favorite photo from the day. Just a really nice candid moment.

Who knew?

OK, so I have not mentioned the unbelievable heat and humidity of this day yet. It was about 90 degress, felt like 120! My skin was so clammy all night, it was a sweaty affair for sure!

Meredith's family...

Bill's family...

Here's the wedding party, I also forgot to mention how adorable Bill's wedding sneakers are!

This was their good friend who was a 'minister for a day' so that he could marry them. But I think he should seriously consider making it into a career, he's got the perfect personality for it! Not to mention the great suit for it!

Here's Meredith looking fabulous even though she is cooking there in the house, if you were out of the breeze you were HOT!

Check back tomorrow for the ceremony and reception...


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