Emily and Joaquin at the Villiage Inn in Narragansett Part.2

Posted by Melissa:

I think we should call this the sun flare golden field blog post. I narrow down which photos to use so I didn't!
Here's a Lisa shot...

This is mine...

Another one from Lisa!

And one from me!

I love this place! The grass was really high and we were all afraid of bugs, BUT everyone suffered through it. Plus the high grass actually looks pretty in the photos.

Finally Joaquin's brother is on board and looking at the camera!

More flare! Can't have enough!

Nothing makes me happier than when a bride and groom add a little something something for me to photograph. How cute is this shot?

Doing some fun posing! Love it!

Everyone trying to get through all this grass! Thanks, guys! As you can see it was worth it.

Joaquin making sure Emily makes it through bug free! Such a sweetie!

Off to the beach! No bugs here! Just tons of beach goers all staring at us!

When Mariah saw this photo she yelled "That's the best photo ever!" The girls were "clicking their heels".

We were trying to get a shot of everyone throwing their bouquets over me. It was harder than I thought. Everyone was throwing at all different times. It was pretty funny. Here are some "Outtakes"

Walking in the sand

And back again...

Emily made these menu cards/table numbers... Of course!

The first dance...

The FU photo! As in Fairfield University! I'll never get sick of that joke! Maybe because I'm still 10 years old.

Cutting into that beautiful cake.

How yummy does that look?! Seriously the food from Amalfi Fine Catering at the Villiage Inn will knock your socks off! It was SO delicious! The staff was SO nice! What a great place to have a wedding. Can't wait to go there again!

I got this fun shot playing off Mike from Artistic Wedding Video Group's light. Pretty sweet!

Bride and Groom

Time to Party!!!

This one makes me laugh!

WHAT! Most of Joaquin's friends and family are from Argentina! They flew all the way to little Rhode Island for the wedding. Here is a bunch of them picking up our groom!!

Emily wanted a shot of the wedding party at the bar. Who am I to say no!? It's a fun shot!

Our last shot of the night!

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