Meredith and Bill at the Sullivan House on Block Island, Part Two

Posted by Trish:

In spite of the heat and drama of the (not) storm the wedding must go on!

Everyone who was there was definitely up for a great time.

Here comes the bride, I think she was a little bit nervous. This is always the most emotional part of the day I think.

Her colors were brown and blue, love that combo, used to be our Snap! colors.

Thank god for that breeze coming off the water!

The rings got mixed up at first, so it was a nice bit of comic relief for the nervousness.

Married...finally (that's what all the guests said anyway). They've been together since college.

It's official now! Clink, oooh Mojitos!

After they signed the marriage licence and it really was official, Bill grabbed Meredith and hugged her. I really felt the swell of emotion in this moment... I believe that Bill was a happy guy!

The troublemakers... kidding! They were really so much fun and had the best time taking photos of each other and laughing a lot together, it was really nice to see all the happiness.

Beautiful arrangements from Mums floral designs.

Delicious place cards for each of the guests.

Making their way into the tent for the first dance.

The have quite the moves for their first dance, very sweet!

...and a dip for good luck!

Bill was cute holding Meredith's hand during the toasts.

It's usually a combo roast/toast, especially for the guys.

The maid of honor had all nice things to say about the bride.

This actually turned kind of ugly when Meredith inhaled cake the wrong way...

A nice moment with the bride and her Dad during their dance.

Here's the MOH Julia, totally funny!

This is my second favorite shot of the day, another candid moment in evening light.

We got the wedding party together for another shot during the sunset, they were jumping but it got a little messy, I love this shot though.

More romance on the island...

The Sullivan house is such a great backdrop for photos, their location is amazing, perched up on a hill with water on both sides.

Heading back into the tent for some reception action.

So here is Julia again, we have her using a pregnant lady's tummy as a drum, getting jiggy, grooving with her dad and then making a bay cry. I think that's enough for one night!

Here's your classic double dutch action...

Hello blue light, this is totally insane! It's almost too never too much!

Thanks for a great day with you all, safe travels and enjoy the photos! Hope to see you on Block Island again! -Trish


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