Maureen and Tim Photodate

Posted by Trish:

So I met up with Maureen and Tim the other night to shoot a little portrait before their's in two weeks, hello! The good news is that they actually live right near me so I was able to buzz over the their place in the evening, the bad news was that there was a crazy rain storm coming our way, and fast!

They got Jake their pup in on the portrait too.

I mentioned that they live near me, but just for the record my house is NOT on the water, but I wish it was, they have such a cool spot here. You can see the rain coming in from the north in the background, crazy!

Tim was getting intot he smooching part of the photos...

Maureen was kind of horrified that I liked this spot, but the texture of the wall was awesome!

So the rain finally got to us and we had to take cover, so I figured why not keep snapping in the living room. The dog would not look at me, I guess I was making him a little nervous with the camera and clicking, he was very sweet though.

Tim getting a little cozy here, he looks innocent, but I don't know...

A little sassy shot here against their living room wall...why not?!

See you guys soon for the big day, I'll be there!!!


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