Miss Humanity International 2011 Contestant - Miss Kenya, Natasha Bintz

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Country: Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Age: 21 years
Height: 173.00 cm
Occupation: Model & Event Manager


Design your own life cause nobody will do it for you, live your dreams and be happy with what you have, cause every day could be the last one.


Fitness, Zumba, Modeling, activities with children


I was born and grew up in Luxembourg , very good at school but also very shy. My parents divorced when I was 10 and We had to move when
I was 17, so I decided to get independent. I stopped school and started working as a waiter , I became more and more interested in a fashion and people motivated me to participate in model contests. I

really liked it and I had a lot of good returns, so I participated in Miss Luxembourg and became 3rd runner up, after that I participated in Miss tourism queen of the year 2010 in china. I made such a great experience that I found my life goal. Representing the beauty of my country and doing as much as I can to promote Luxembourg abroad. I also started organizing my own pageants and fashion shows, especially for black women. Because of this success people asked me to help them for their events and that's how I became event manager. This year I changed my whole life, all alone, and end of this year, one of my biggest dreams will hopefully come true, winning an international beauty pageant, for the first time of the history of my country !

Humanitarian Advocacy:

I'm working for the School of Hope, founded by a French football player. Their selling trading cards to build new schools and help kids to learn to write and read. We are traveling through Europe and
give one kid every month the chance to meet his favorite player, and it's for french tv. Since 3 years I' m a big fan of africa , of their culture, people, food, kindness, spirit of life so I also Help african people to have success in Luxembourg , in categories fashion and beauty.

Special thanks and credits to misshumanityinternational


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