Etsy Featured Designer: Fashion Edition, Dainty Button

We are constantly asked what is one accessory everyone should have in their closet. Well, here is your answer: SHOE CLIPS. They are an instant way to spruce up your stilettos and make them look new again! Which is why we were thrilled when we came across Dainty Button - the perfect HANDmade shop for all your shoe clips needs! Check out how the designers became Dainty Button

What inspired the name of your shop, Dainty Button?

I originally was going to name my shop after my first niece, who was a month shy of coming into the world when I opened the shop. My sister felt funny her name being all over etsy, so we brainstormed. I wanted something feminine, but trendy. I'm super girly and I wanted a name to fit my personality. I loved the name "dainty" for whatever reason and my sister came up with "button". And that's how my shop was named, although button's have nothing to do with any of my accessories. 
What inspires your creations?

I love the vintage, old school look. Most of my creations were inspired by a scene in "The Notebook". Jackie O', Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, etc. Shoes are my fetish. I have over 200 pairs of shoes and I got the brilliant idea one day to jazz a couple pairs up. That's where my shoe clip inspiration came from. I'll see a picture with certain colors that stand out to me and I'll have a "lightbulb" moment, go home and start piecing things together. Anything girly, soft, feminine with a little edge is my "take off" point.
What made you decide to start the business?

My business was accidental. I was teaching elementary school and a friend and I had a brilliant idea to go to Europe. I realized I would need a little extra cash flow, if I was going anytime soon. I made a couple headbands, a friend liked them, her friends, their friends, etc. Someone introduced me to etsy and I opened up a shop. I never intended on making this a career. A boutique in San Francisco noticed my designs, several others followed and at the end of the school year, I made a huge leap of faith and quit my teaching job. I found something that I love doing. You're only young once. Just a lil' adventure I'm on. We'll see where it takes me.

The Dottie
Black Tie Affair 
Not only are these the perfect all time accessory for every fashionista but they are great for the upcoming Holidays! Also, they make a great gift for a gal pal that loves fashion as much as you do! Head over to Dainty Button now! 


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