cupcakeMAG retreat!

For those of you who follow ME (@cupcakeMAG) on Twitter - you most likely heard all about cupcakeMAG Retreat last weekend and our little biz get-a-way. My FABulous cupcakeMAG writer, Angela, brought us into her beautiful home and we spent the weekend crushin' over each other.

While we were away discussing the next steps & exciting things for cupcakeMAG - we also made time to relax, eat cupcakes and get to know each other. Our writers at cupcakeMAG work so hard and are just beyond amazing! So amazing, we had to share just what we learned about them this weekend! It was great to get to know my cupcakes even more! I love them so much I just had to share the love with you! Get to know them too! I am lucky to have such fabulous girls on my team.

Tracy, @sweetharper, and our NEWEST (yet to make her debut) writer! 

1. Believe it or not, she has never done karaoke.
2. Surprisingly, she is much taller in person.
3. On the side, Tracy should be a photographer. She LOVES to take pictures.
4.) Before this weekend, she never wore leopard - she was a leopard print virgin.
5.) This was her first trying picking crab legs & eating oysters!

Kara, @JensenHaus & @LaunchHERLaw, our hardcore cupcakeMAG attorney! 

Kara (right) & Tracy - first timers! 
1.) Kara is one serious fashionista and was dressed to kill every morning.
2.) She is a major note taker - which I just LOVE!
3. ) Kara is all about SAFETY FIRST!
4.) A serious hardcore bio-itch, don't mess with her. She will pull some fancy law terms on your boo-tayy. I'm glad she is my bestie!
5.) She has very pretty feet and could retire from law and be a foot model!

Jenny, @JennyLoves_This, cupcakeMAG & cupcakeMAG for Littles FAB writer

1. She was my roomie. She hardly breathes when sleeping. I had to check her nostrils. 
2. Jenny isn't a fan of drama. 
3. She should be a DJ. She makes a mean mixed cd. 
4. Jenny could model - she was part of our photo shoot this weekend (way to see it all!)
5. She is a big fan of dance parties. In her underwear. 

Angela, @PreppyPoppy, cupcakeMAG writer & amazing hostess! 

1. Ang was the perfect hostess for our perfect weekend. 
2. Her house could be in a magazine - it is that beautiful. (Stay tuned for the tour!) 
3. Angela has an amazing closet with every shoe still in its box. 
4. Her waffles & hot coco are delish. 
5. Her family is the perfect cookie cutter bunch and I adore them to pieces! 

And of course, I can't forget Ang's adorable pup Ollie, short for Oliver! 

As for all our secrets and slumber part chats - we had a don't speak policy. What happens at cupcakeMAG stays at cupcakeMAG! Next year, watch out as we head to Denver for cupcakeMAG Retreat 2011! I am already counting down the days. Also, hoping for a cupcakeMAG LIVE! so our readers and fans can join in on the fun! Stay tuned and as always, thanks for reading cupcakes! 


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