A snapper in training....

What's the key to the snap! success you might wonder?.... one word: enthusiasm. We LOVE what we do and we are always excited to come to work... that's it- that's the secret ingredient. So, on that note: feast your eyes on the next generation of snap.... a snap girl in training if you will. My daughter Vianne had the day off from school Monday so she came to the office with me and while we were busy with snap stuff, she was busy making us pictures and demonstrating her album design skills:

I will translate here because this letter is written in first grade language:

Basically she thinks we are real nice and our albums are real nice too.
Our pictures are also awesome (guys). This her album layout, I think she has the right idea, and the hearts are a nice touch. I like the super bride with the cape and the bracelet the best. She understands it's all about the details.


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