Dog Days

I may have mentioned before that our two dogs, Itchy and Moose, are living with my parents while E and I are in the midst of this move; we probably won't have them with us until we buy a place again as finding an apartment to accommodate all our needs as well as allow a 70lb-plus pup (Itchy) proved to be a little too difficult. Living with Itchy in an apartment could have been a bit of a nightmare anyway, as he is rather fond of barking at odd noises, but it doesn't make E and I wish they were with us any less.

And as much as I miss them on a daily basis, I am not sure there is anywhere I miss them more than I do here at our home. They are as much a part of this house to me as the walls and the roof. Even when E was deployed, even when he was missing from this place, they were here by my side.

To not have them here never feels right-- I half expect to look out the back window and see Itchy sunning himself in the yard or to glance up and notice Moose sleeping on the shelf of the coffee table (his favorite spot.) Since my "boys" are heavily on my mind right now, I hope you won't mind indulging in some dog-adoration here at Under A Paper Moon.

For those of you who have pups by your side or waiting for you at home, give them some extra pets today; I wish I could do the same.


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