♥ ♛ Friday-Night in Penang


Sorry, I have not been blogging for couple of days now.
I have been so busy with my university life.. and stuck with my assignments!. =(

but anyway, on Friday night the 6th March, i went to QEII club nearby Jetty.
i only been there once, & have not been there for a loong while since "Equator Academy of Art Prom in 2008". here was some of the pictures from the prom last year in QEII..

i was wearing a cute blue dress that night, & it was a gift from Hney!!. he was in Bangkok at that time, he said he didn't even plan to buy me anything until he saw the dress for sell when he was hanging out with his pals at the mall. he said the dress reminded him of me and will looks cute on me. and so he bought it for a gift. awww..how sweet!.
i like it when he's doing spontaneous thing, it's the cutest thing..

anyway, back to QEII topic.
i kind of like this club better than any other club in Penang which most of them are in 'Penang Road'.
now don't get me wrong, i'm not a serious party-person. i put it on the limit and only going out for FUN. out of all the club that i've been so far, QEII is one of the 'must-go'.

♪ SS or Slippery Senoritas in Penang Road is a bit boring now, i must say. They play too much hip-hop, too much Sean Kingston *ugh i hate it!, and the crowd are usually a bit old. so it's not really a 'hip' place for the youngster. also the dancefloor are a bit too small, when the crowd getting crowded, you can barely breathe and the smokes of the ciggies going to make it worst.

♪ MoMo is used to be the 'hippest', but they charged a bit too expensive for getting in. their music is ok, they play trance sometimes, and the interior design is alright. but after numbers of visiting, i got bored of it.

♪ MOIS is now the 'hippest', most popular, & most crowded club in Penang, i think. People always stand in a line to get in. I went to MOIS for only twice. honestly, i don't really like that place. the music is heck boring!!. i have never enjoyed the music everytime i went there, and it's always been too crowded that you can barely dance. but it seems like most of the people prefer to go there sometimes.

♪ F.A.M.E is a new club in town. it used to be a club called GLO. I went there twice, and I'd say it's not that bad. the dancefloor is pretty big, the music is totally ok, it's not that quite & not that crowded either. there are many youngsters there, and they always have some kind of promotion too. I won a cellphone last time, from the Dance Competition. LOL.

♪ Last but not least, QEII. the location is nearby Jetty, a little bit far from Penang Road where all the clubs are there. I'd say this place is worth to go to. they always have some cool events & promotion here. the dancefloor is acceptable because it's an outdoor club, so you can breathe easily without having the annoying ciggies smells in your hair. when i went there last friday, they gaveaway FREE DRINKS to the ladies unlimited from 8.oo till 10.30. quite a good deal huh? =)
the music is totally fine. deff cooler than the music they played in other clubs. QEII will play hip-hop but also some trance, so it's acceptable.


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