Stella's Super Cute Proposal...

Stella and Shane met with Melissa a few weeks ago about their wedding and much to our happiness, decided to come aboard the Snap! ship. I got an email this morning from Stella complete with photos that brightened my whole day! She said...
"So our story is a little unconventional... Shane & I booked our venue before I had a proposal because I had my heart set on Harkness after we saw it in person, and I've always wanted a spring wedding. I've known since October that "the ring" was coming and even this past week I knew it was coming any day, but I had no idea it would be today! Shane showed up at my classroom before the end of the day and my paraprofessional (I teach kindergarten) said to the kids...
"This is Miss Lee's very special friend and he has a very important question to ask Miss Lee, so put on your best listening ears!" (here's where mariah gets goosebumps!)
Then Shane got on one knee! I was completely speechlesss and in tears! I knew it was coming but I didn't know he would show up at school!
Here is Stella and Shane and her class- how adorable is this? Big kudos for Shane- kids can be tough...they could have booed him off the mats! After all, I am sure one or two of these boys must have a crush on Stella.
Here's Stella and Shane later that evening in the snow- how festive!

And of course, you have to have this shot!

Congratulations on your "official" engagement guys! I think it's a hoot you booked us first!
Do any of our other brides have some fun engagement stories and photos to share? Send them my way, you could be the next to be blogged!


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