Snap! and Chat with Joyce at Stoneblossom Florals

This is the first of our new snap! and chat series, where we get to know all of the fabulous people that we work with all year... florists, caterers, dj's, coordinators etc. etc.
We thought it would be fun to bring you a little "inside information" on some of the best in the biz! No surprise that we start our series with the lovely and talented Joyce Holland of Stoneblossom Florals.
We are long time admirers of Joyce, not only is she an amazing artist- but she is also kicks butt as a business owner. We have often considered WWJD (what would Joyce do?) when making decisions for our own business.
Let's go in and see what she's up to...

Here's the inside of Joyce's meeting space, which she recently renovated. It's very cozy and appealing. Did you know that before Joyce started her floral business she worked in Interior Design? She attributes this background to the way she approaches an event now... she designs "from the ground up," meaning she visualizes the event as a whole... linens, lighting, place settings etc... before she designs the flowers.

Fun fact about me (Mariah)... I went to school for journalism. Here I am as a hard hitting reporter!

Joyce's favorite part about her job? ... her clients! I asked her what inspires her most and she said... "The essence of the person in front of me! I try to really get to know that person, and understand what they like and don't like. On the production floor we take that inspiration and run with it!"

The most satisfying thing about her job? "I do love the initial consultation, because I love to get to know people... but my favorite moments are on the 'day of' when I deliver the bouquet or they see their venue decorated for the first time and I know they really love it. "

What are a florists favorite flowers you might wonder...

"The sweetest flowers are in the spring, I love Peonies, Renunculas, and Lilly of the Valley. I really love the sweet, petite flowers... and also the flowering branches.
My other favorite time of year is the fall. The flowers of that season are rustic and hardy. I love vines, berries and the muted colors in oranges and golds."

Recently, Joyce's amazing work is featured in a new hardcover coffee table book by Sylvia Weinstock called, Amazing Cakes. The photo on the right is from her highlighted event at Rosecliff Mansion in Newport.

Joyce's familiar brand... and lovely letterpress business card. See more of her fabulous work by clicking here: Stoneblossom

Stay tuned next week for another installment of Snap! and chat....
Joyce, thanks for your time and candid remarks! We look forward to seeing you this summer on the circuit!


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