More Deluxe Albums!

We just got a few more albums in today and wanted to share with you. These are our deluxe silk covered albums which come with a presentation box in the same fabric and an accent ribbon. They are really beautiful! So if you are looking for something special, this is the ticket...

All of our albums have 'flush mount' pages which means that the photos are all printed on one page and then that print (on real photo paper) is mounted flush to all the edges.

The flush mounted album should not be confused with a 'coffe table book'. A coffee table book is printed on different kinds of paper, but not actual photo paper. The pages are available in different kinds of thincknesses but most often are like a really thick card stock. There are always new albums coming out so this description probably has a lot of variables nowadays.

We have also had a lot of canvas prints coming in, it's so fun to open the boxes when these arrive.
I want to have every photo on canvas, they just look so cool! This one is for Leah and Matt, I loved that they picked a more artictic photo for their wall. It's very moody.


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