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We can thank The Real Housewives of Orange County, Alexis Bellino for connecting us with one FABulous small biz. Holly Freese is the Founder and Designer behind some pretty amazing bling - Expressions Rings of Hope
Black Cowboy Swarovski Ring $40 
As seen on Alexis Bellino 
Not only is the Focus Ring ($40) our go-to accessory for everyday (because it pretty much matches anything & everything) but it also supports a good cause. Bling for a cause! What's not to love? Read on to get to know Holly and see what inspired this oh-so-fabulous biz! Holly is absolutely one of the sweetest cupcakes we have ever met and has one of the biggest hearts. We admire Holly for getting the word out and spreading an amazing message to everyone! 

{1} Tell us about yourself & about Expression Rings of Hope, your biz!

My name is Holly Freese and currently I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I am 28 years old and currently a Stay at home Mom of 2 boys;  Walker is 2 years old, and Bryce is 1 year old. Before having children I was in advertising sales downtown Chicago.  I started Expressions of Hope in May of 2010.  I was inspired by my friend, Mike Kacynski, who passed last April from Renal Cell Carcinoma. I wanted to do something with my time, and also wanted to help make a difference!  So, I came up with this idea of creating a little piece of HOPE that women can wear as a accessory to their wardrobe, or as reminder of someone they loved that had passed.  Also, with the purchase of an Expression of Hope Ring, a portion of the proceeds from each ring sale is being donated to the V Foundation for Cancer Research.  I hope to make a stride towards finding a cure for cancer.  There is far to many cases out there, and we need to all come together to help find a cure!
Who doesn't love pink? Patience Ring, $40
{2} What has been the best part about having your own business?

The best part of having my own business is being able to help those who lost loved ones smile, and being able to help support a good cause.  It really makes me smile to see how many supporters I have, and how many continue to follow me each and everyday.  The more supporters I have, the more we can donate towards a wonderful cause.  I love to hear about my "Hope Fans" inspirational stories.  I am truly thankful to those who have helped me and continue to help spread my message BLING FOR A CAUSE! 

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{3} When did the light bulb go off that you knew this is what you wanted to do?

After my best friend's husband, Mike Kacynski, died last April 2010 of Renal Cell Carcinoma I kept thinking about what I could do help.  He found out in February of 2010 of his disease, and 3 months later he was no longer with us.  I just couldn't believe how this could happen.  Since I was a Stay at Home Mom, I really wanted to start a business that helped my family, as well as helping out a greater cause.  I decided to start making these Swarovski Rings, and donate towards the V Foundation in Mike's name.  

{4} Do you plan to expand the line?

I defintely hope to grow this business, and expand my product line.  I have had some people recommend some jewelry for little girls, or bracelets for women.  I will eventually get a few more products, but for now, I am just trying to get my name out there. 

Make sure you check out these beautiful bracelets too!

{5} What's up next? 

Well....I really just want to get my name out there as much as possible.  Just in the last 2 months my business has really grown and I have quite a few followers on Facebook and Twitter.  I hope to keep that going, keep reaching out to those who have lost loved ones and hear about their stories.  It inspires me to keep growing and moving forward.  I am just trying to keep contacting people in helping spread my message BLING FOR A CAUSE!  The more people who are "BLINGING," that means the more money that has been raised and donated towards cancer research and finding a cure for this awful and all to common disease.  I appreciate you taking the time with me, and look forward to this upcoming year and what's to come of Expressions of Hope. I thank everyone again who has helped me, supported me, and believed in me.  Thank you!!!

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{Thank you Holly for our beautiful BLING FOR A CAUSE. We absolutely adore the Focus ring you sent for review purposes and love everything you do!}


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