Miss Earth 2011 Contestant - MISS VIETNAM EARTH 2011 - Nguyen Thai Ha's Photo & Profile/Interview

Birth Name: Nguyễn Thái Hà
Birth Date: (age 24)
Birth Place:
Height: 176 cm
Measurements: 90-60-93
Hair color:
Eye color:
Major Competition(s):
Miss Earth 2011


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What environmental project will you create to promote the protection of Mother Earth and why?
Protecting the Earth is actually a very important at this time because the Earth has been destroyed by rapid industrial development, air pollution, deforestation in developing countries, groundwater pollution, improper waste disposal, etc. All of these have caused many disasters worldwide in recent years such as flood, hurricanes and droughts. I do hope that I can contribute in a campaign to appeal to the people to protect the forests. Through these campaigns, more people will be aware of the importance of protecting the environment.

What makes you proud of the country you are representing, and what can you promote about your country?

I'm always so proud of being Vietnamese. Although Vietnam is a developing country, I always wanted live and work here, and contribute my effort to my country. I am not only proud of our over a thousand year old culture, traditions and national solidarity, but I am also proud of Vietnam's natural resources and the charms of nature such as HaLong Bay, Phong Nha Cave, Hoi An, and Mekong Delta. That's why the young people of Vietnam must take full responsibility in protecting the ecosystem by developing and using these resources reasonably.

Vietnam is an independent, peaceful and safe place where I have never seen terrorism or school shooting. The Vietnamese people are polite, friendly, hospitable and good-natured, and always give a warm welcome to friends around the world visiting Vietnam. Visitors will be amazed at our culture, food, clothes and the weather in each landscape they will travel through. For example, going to the North of Vietnam, Halong Bay and Sapa are the major tourist spots from Hanoi. One can see the colorful town inhabited by the H'mong and Dzao people from the local hill tribes.

Going along seacoast, one can explore and experience beautiful beaches such as Langco Beach and Nha Trang Beach. And to the South of Vietnam are the lovely and lively floating markets in the Mekong Delta such as the Cai Rang floating market. I feel most people would love these places when they visit Vietnam.

Describe your childhood/growing years.
I had a normal childhood just like other Vietnamese kids. I went to school, enjoyed traveling with my parents, and was pretty much a carefree kid. But aside from concentrating on my academic subjects, I also studied ballet at the Vietnam Ballet Institute where I joined several musical and dance shows, as well as activities about protecting the environment such as planting trees in school and sweeping my school yard to keep it clean.

What lessons did you learn from your childhood/growing years? ?
Being the eldest in the family, I learned to be responsible and independent. I try to set good examples for my siblings. Being independent helped when I moved from my hometown, Hanoi, to settle in Ho Chi Minh City where everything was completely new to me. I was scared at first always had to keep pace with my new environment. I tried my best to be strong, as I believe this is important to become successful in life.

What is your most memorable moment?
My most memorable life experience is when I registered for the Miss Hanoi Beauty Contest all by myself. I was only 17 then; it was my first time on the catwalk and I was very nervous. Luckily, I won second place and my family was so happy and proud of me. That special moment inspired me to become a professional model.

What is your environmental advocacy?
In practical, I am a normal citizen in Vietnam, I only aware of not doing drop litter, saving water and electricity and prohibiting the uncontrolled use of harmful chemical etc. I affirm that I did all above daily. I had chances to join many activities about protecting environment as planting trees in school, sweeping my school yard, and performing in music and dance shows which were environmental nature. Specially, I aware of the important of forestation, I contributed my small effort to plant a tree aim at representing to everyone about protecting and recovering our green lung.


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