Miss Earth 2011 Contestant - MISS CZECH REPUBLIC EARTH 2011 - Šárka Cojocarová's Photos & Profile/Interview

Birth Name: Šárka Cojocarová
Birth Date: (age 22)
Birth Place: Svobodné Heřmanice
Height: 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)
Measurements: 92-62-94
Hair color:
Eye color:
Major Competition(s):
Miss Earth 2011



What environmental project will you create to promote the protection of Mother Earth and why?

The protection of the biodiversity on Mother Earth: the number of species of plants, animals and microorganisms, the enormous diversity of genes in these species, the different ecosystems on the planet, such as deserts, rainforests and coral reefs are all part of a biologically diverse Earth.

What makes you proud of the country you are representing, and what can you promote about your country?

The Czech Republic displays a symbiosis of natural and man-made beauty. As far as cultural sites are concerned, it is a top European destination. Tourists from around the globe come to see our culture, history and architecture. The clearest evidence of this is the inclusion of 12 sites in UNESCO’s world cultural heritage list. In 2005, a large part of the Czech Paradise area, including the Protected Czech Paradise nature reserve was declared a UNESCO Geopark. The historical centre of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, has been part of the UNESCO list since 1992. No other place on earth can boast such a high concentration of UNESCO sites in such a small area.

In the west of Czech Republic, there are scores of extinct volcanoes and hot springs, in the north, sandstone ‘rock towns’ tower over the landscape, in the central regions, the fertile Elbe plain spreads out far and wide and the south is literally pockmarked with ponds and lakes. The Moravian mountain ranges are thickly carpeted with forest, which gradually gives way to the undulating wine-growing regions of South Moravia. The whole country is girdled by mountain ranges, ideal for winter sports.

Describe your childhood/growing years

As a little girl, I grew up in the countryside in the northeast of the Czech Republic. At the age of eleven I went to study ballet in a larger city, but since I was a typical girl from the village, I was always looking forward to go home to our little farm. I really enjoyed spending my free time outdoors, surrounded by wheat fields, meadows, lakes and animals. To this day, the beauty of the city and civilization has never replaced the beauty of nature and wildlife in my heart.

What lessons did you learn from your childhood/growing years?

My childhood gave me one great lesson in life and that’s independence and the ability to take care of myself and other people. Since I was eleven, I practically lived alone in the city so I had to become independent. At that time, I realized the importance of family and friends in my life, people who I can trust, who take care of me and support me in everything I do.

What is your most memorable moment?

Since cooperating with the Czech Association of Paraplegics, my most memorable moment was when I first met people on wheelchairs. I found it amazing how these people enjoy life a lot more than some people who are healthy. Paraplegics are helping other disabled people as well to re-engage in normal life like having children, going to work, etc. The power of humanity that I saw in these people hit me incredibly.

What is your environmental advocacy?

In terms of my environmentally oriented project, I chose the topic of the protection of biodiversity on Mother Earth. The number of species of plants, animals, and microorganisms, the enormous diversity of genes in these species, the different ecosystems on the planet, such as deserts, rainforests and coral reefs are all part of a biologically diverse Earth.


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