Joanna and Walter at Blithewold

Posted by Mariah:

I have been looking forward to Walter and Joanna's wedding for a long time! Joanna came to visit me a year and a half ago and we hit it off right away. I couldn't wait to photograph such a beautiful and vivacious bride! I remember telling Trish, I hope she books me, there's just something about her!
I must admit- I had pretty high expectations for the level of fun too, I'm happy to report Walter and Joanna did not disappoint!
Trish was my second shooter for the day which is a rare treat- we started at Joanna's parents house in Bristol. Beautiful bouquet by Wildflowers of Barrington.

Trish got this great shot of the rings and the invitation (Designs by Sofia).

Joanna got her dress at Filene's "Running of the Brides". Her mom really wanted to do it, and since Joanna is a good daughter she went along with it. One of her bridesmaids scored this dress, which Joanna had completely altered and Volia! the perfect dress.

So pretty! Joanna's hair and makeup by New Leaf Studio in Bristol. (Hi Courtney!)

This shot was Trish's stroke of genius. I am INSANE for this photo. It's funny, it's sweet,
it's just great!

OOOOOOOOH... Pretty.

Joanna's parents have a really fun house. I think they throw a lot of parties! We couldn't resist this couch.

The ladies...

Okay, enough of the girls already. I didn't meet Walter when Joanna first came to visit- I met him a while later at our photodate in Providence. I asked Joanna what he looked like at our first meeting though, and in my notes I have written... "looks like Leonardo Dicaprio." Joanna- Please! Walter makes Leonardo look completely un date-able! You should have warned me! Here's Trish casually strolling with Walter, she can't look in his direction because his handsomeness might blind her.

Seriously, what mother wouldn't want her son to grow up and look exactly like this?

Here is Walter sporting his Huck Finn look...

... and a nice man-pose. Well done!

Just so Joanna can see we didn't get too close to her man while left alone with him...

Walter and his brother Mike, waiting for Joanna to arrive. They look pretty well behaved, maybe their mom would disagree...

... and here she is!

Joanna really wanted this photo because her parents were married here and have this same shot in their album.

Husband and Wife!

So happy! Love this photo.

The light was really pretty in this little nook outside the church.

These guys are so good looking it hurts.

Here's me and my lovely Joanna. Can't believe the day is actually here! Stay tuned tomorrow for some really gorgeous photos of Walter and Joanna on the grounds of Blithewold as well as all the reception fun!


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