We have the Blues. . .The Blueberry Blueesss ~ TWD Style

I can not believe it. I have been looking for a non-rock salt, ice, and ice water ice cream maker. What a pain! I finally went to Macy's and the sales lady talked me into getting an ice cream bowl attachment for my KitchenAide mixer. I have never heard of such a thing! She compared the Cuisinart (sp?) ice cream maker with the KitchenAide one and the KitchenAide ice cream maker held 1/2 Quart more. Both stay in the freezer for about 15 hours before use. So I bought it last week. Problem? I have been looking at boocoo recipes lately and seemed to have misplaced my directions for how to put the contraption together. That is how my Tuesday with Dorie Ice Cream Event started. Will it work? What if it doesn't? I'll have to start over. I know! I'll do what hubby does. I'll throw the whole thing together like I know exactly what I am doing and if it "doesn't" work, I'll go back to looking for the directions. Well, sometimes those methods really do work. . .Amazing!

I also doubled the recipe because someone else said that Dorie's recipe only made a little bit and I want to make cream puffs later and fill them with this blueberry ice cream; drizzle a little Dove Milk Chocolate over the top; and there will be dessert. What do you think?

Doubling the recipe when I have a new mixer scared the beegeebees out of me because I had NO idea what to expect. For all I knew, I would end up with ice cream all over the outside of the mixer. Well, come to find out, that did almost happen. As the ice cream started to harden, it also started coming over the top as it expanded. Pacing and calling for family reinforcements to all agree on the point that the ice cream was truly oozing over the top was in order. Yep! Everyone agreed the ice cream may overflow.
Phone rings. I am trying to buy half a cow and the person I am buying it from is on the phone. We are now doing the happy beef dance. This cow is actually his cow and will be in my freezer by the middle of next month. I am totally sidetracked.
Twenty minutes later, I am off the phone thinking happy beef thoughts when I remember the
ice cream. Dashing into the kitchen (not really a long dash, more like a short fast walk), I come to
a screeching halt to see that the ice cream did NOT overflow and is ready to be taken out of the ice cream bowl.
WoW! The texture feels like velvet. I'm serious. My rock salt and ice, ice cream maker never
made ice cream with texture like this! Hollering down to hubby to feel the spectacular blueberry ice cream. Hear rather loud groan, and movement. Inform him that hurrying is in order because melting is going on and I need pictures. Another groan. Hubby appears, touches ice cream as instructed and then tastes. Luckily he
likes sour cream. He is impressed over the texture but loves the flavor more. When I say luckily he likes sour cream, I mean that I doubled the recipe and I can definitely "taste" the sour cream in the ice cream. Others I read said that the sour cream wasn't really noticeable. Well, it is when you double it! I like it, but I am not in LOVE with it. I did try chocolate sauce over the ice cream and that really brought out the blueberry flavor. I was impressed with the chocolate idea.

Dolores with Chronicles in Culinary Curiosity (say that 5 times fast =)) chose the blueberry ice cream recipe for our Tuesdays with Dorie group. Thank you for the switch in desserts. Very fun! In fact, to look at everyone else's wonderful creativity, just click on the group name. Dorie Greenspan has this recipe on page 434 of her "Baking from my home to yours" cookbook. Everytime I check out the rest of the group's blogs, it just amazes me how differently we all look at things. The ideas you can get from others is wonderful and by sharing with each other, we make the world just a little bit smaller and a lot more interesting.


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